Who Are We?
We are a Team of Passionate Curators / Editors who have Social-Consciousness and care about social issues, topics, and Curate Humorous, Inspiring and Motivating Stories & Visuals from around the Globe

What is Our Mission?
Our Mission is as follows
1) Giving You The Buzz in the Latest Buzz – Share with our users the latest Buzz on various topics. What is in the buzz / news etc
2) Giving You The Buzz to Fuel Your Heart and Life – We Love our visitors to get the Buzz by inspiring & motivating and Life Changing stories and visuals.
3) Providing outstanding Online User Experience without distracting and blinking advertising while you are consuming the content on our site. We believe it gives us headache to read or view content when everything around the content is blinking and distracting. We may not get the ad revenue from those blinking Ads. But we strongly believe that our Users who Love us will support us by sharing with their family and friends to inspire them

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The BUZZ.FM Team