Happy “Thriller” Halloween to Our Readers and Michael Jackson – Thriller Dance Videos

Happy Halloween to our BUZZ.FM Readers and also to The King of Pop, Music Legend Michael Jackson……

First we present The King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself, followed by “Thriller” Dance covers
Michael Jackson – Thriller – Live Munich HIStory World Tour 1997

via YouTube


Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance by Prison Inmates

via YouTube / ByronfGarcia


These guys are good from Soha Game

via YouTube / Soha Game


Thriller Dance By Tu Michael from Vietnam

via YouTube / Tu Michael


Thriller on the Streets of Tulsa

Heather Hall’s Studio One flash Mob at the Brookside annual “BooHaha” Halloween block party in front of Ida Red Boutique featuring the Ida Red & Studio One collaboration.

via YouTube / Ida Red


Thriller in Leicester Square, London.

via YouTube/The Scientarist


Thriller Dance as choreographed by Chloe Bell for a Big brother House task in 2008.

Wedding Thriller Dance Videos


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