10 Fitness Women You Should Follow on Instagram for Fitness Motivation

Written by Meg Kline

Staying fit is a challenge for most people.  If you find your commitments to your workout routine starting to cave into the demands of your busy life, just know that you aren’t alone.  Look at fitness as a never ending journey.  You reach milestones, hit plateaus, and even have some setbacks.  Getting fit is not destination that you reach and the trip is over.  After you’ve worked hard to obtain your dream body, you have to continue to work hard to keep it.  So regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, feelings of discouragement can be completely normal, and in times like this you have to find motivators to keep yourself moving forward.  We found 10 must-follow Instagram accounts of iconic fitness women who will keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals!  These ladies will keep you empowered, as they photo document their best fitness moves, share helpful tips, and of course inspire you with their amazing bods!

#1 @jenselter

With buns like Jen’s you know that all of those squats will pay off someday!

Fitness 002


#2 @laurasykora

This yoga mommy will inspire you to get your whole family involved in your workout routine

Fitness 012


#3 @melissaambrosini

You can count on Melissa as a life coach & fitness writer to keep you empowered!

Fitness 005


#4 @yoga_girl

Rachel’s helpful yoga tips will help you overcome barriers in your yoga training.

Fitness 006


#5 @nataliejillfit

Natalie’s a sports nutritionist who posts new moves everyday to fuel your workout routine.

Fitness 007


#6 @basebodybabes

These two Aussie personal trainers will motivate you to hit the gym and bring a friend!

Fitness 008


#7 @fitnessontoast

This Swedish fitness blogger proves that you can stay in shape and be fashionable too!

Fitness 013


#8 @balletbeautiful

Mary, a pro ballerina & loving mom will inspire you to dance to your fitness goals.

Fitness 010


#9 @erica_whitman

Practice strength building & toning poses with Erica’s yoga challenges.

Fitness 004


#10 @kayla_itsines

Kayla’s a personal trainer with abs that’ll inspire you to keep chiseling your bikini bod.

Fitness 011


Do you follow some of these amazing fitness gals already?  Be sure to tell us who are your favorites in the comments!

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