Bringing Two Kids Out of Poverty – One Person Can Make a Difference: – A Detective from Pittsburgh Goes the Extra Mile in

In Pittsburgh, the unfortunate reality is that many kids often have to go through staggering amounts of poverty, debasement, and neglect. Jack Mook is a detective in Pittsburgh, who worked with 11 year old Jessee Lyle, and his 15 year old brother, Josh. He volunteered at Steel City gym, teaching them martial arts. He liked the kids, and knew the feeling was mutual, so when they stopped showing up, he went out and found them out of concern. This is when he discovered that Jessee and Josh were living with foster parents, who abused and berated the two kids. The detective, a devoted bachelor, found the two kids a new home; his own. Later on, Jack Mook adopted the two young kids, and they are now a happy family.

Via CBS Sunday Morning / YouTube

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