3 Wedding Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds

Written by Meg Kline

Every bride wants her special day to look like a million bucks, but most of us don’t have that celebrity budget.  I’m sure many of you were blown away when beginning your wedding planning process by how expensive even flowers can be.  Here are 3 wedding hacks that every bride should know that can save you hundreds when you tie the knot.


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Image Courtesy of bouquetweddingflower.com

There is no doubt that fresh flower bridal bouquets are absolutely gorgeous.  Purchasing your bridal bouquet from your local florist can easily cost you upwards of $100!  We’ll let you in on a little secret…you can make the bouquet pictured above using flowers purchased from your local grocery store.  This will slash your bridal bouquet price to approximately $12 – $24.  All you need is 3 thin rubber bands to secure your bundle of flowers, trim the stems to the desired length, and then wrap the stems using a ribbon of your choice to create an elegant and professional-looking finish to your bouquet.


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Image Courtesy of onewed.com

Your wedding dress is probably going to be one of the most expensive purchases for your big day, and wedding accessories can put a hurting on your wallet too!  Wedding dress boutiques and specialty shops naturally will charge more for wedding accessories than when you shop for them else where.  Since your big day is more than likely only one day, we suggest saving yourself some money by shopping second hand wedding accessories.  If you’re not keen on used things, just remember that the previous owner probably only wore that veil or that headpiece once.  Many former brides who never even made it down the aisle sell their never-worn accessories for a fraction of the price.  You can find second hand wedding accessories on sites like Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon or even at your local thrift shop!


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Image courtesy of Pinterest

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  When you go to a wedding and you compliment the bride on the decor, you don’t ask her where she bought her floral decor or table centerpieces.  Your guests aren’t going to care if your ceremony is decked out in designer wedding decor.  In fact, once you walk down the aisle all eyes are on you!  You save hundreds by stopping by your local dollar store to shop for items to decorate your wedding and reception.  The components of the submerged floral table centerpiece and candles pictured above can easily be found at your local dollar store.  Instead of spending $40 per centerpiece, you can reduce the price to $4…and no one will ever know!

Be sure to tell us what you think of these wedding hack ideas!  We’d love to hear your bridal budget saving tips if you’ve already walked down the aisle.


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