Become a Fairy Tale Princess Bride This Winter at an Ice Castle

Written by Meg Kline

Ice Castle 006

Every winter princess bride needs her own ice castle!  There is something simply magical about elegant white tulle, wedding flowers, and diamonds against a glorious wintry backdrop of ice and snow.  Snowfall may be difficult to predict in your area, which is why winter brides are flocking to ice castles around the world to take bridal photos.  We’re particularly inspired by one annually built ice castle in Midway, Utah that will be the peak of popularity for brides seeking stunning wedding photos of fairy tale caliber.  The Midway Ice Castle is the man-made masterpiece of Utah-based architect Brent Christensen who designed his first massive ice castle in 2009.  Christensen carefully builds his ice castles from over 20,000,000 pounds of ice by creating large icicles and harvesting them.  During the daytime brides can expect their white wedding dresses to be complimented by the natural glacial blue hues of the ice castle.  At night the castle is illuminated by various neon colored lights, creating a spectacular dreamy night view.  Just imagine the breathtaking wedding memories you can create by hosting your bridal photo shoot in a castle made completely of ice!  Check out bridal editorials of two enchanted winter brides posing within the epic beauty of the Midway Ice Castle.

Photography Credit: McKenzie Deakins

Photography Credit: Jacque Lynn Photography

Love what you see so far in these bridal ice castle photos?  Check out more of the breathtaking scenery of another annual ice castle designed by Christensen in Silverthorne, Colorado in this video musical performance by violinist Lindsey Stirling.  Like the Midway Ice Castle and others, this castles is also open to the public making your dream winter bride photo memorabilia Leave us comments and tell us what you think!

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