What It Takes to Be a Good Mom. Advice from the Kids and Others plus a Song for All the Moms

What does it take to be a good mother? Do you have to be fun, or know how to do all the homework questions? There are a myriad of different opinions all over the web about what it takes to be the “World’s #1 Mom”.

According to Annie Reneau from the Scary Mommy blog, you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect mother. Whether you feed your children fish sticks or organic fruit, and whether you breast-feed or use formula, you can still be a good mother. Annie lists a multitude of behaviors that good mothers have, from yelling or not yelling, to taking breaks or not taking breaks, boiling down to loving their kids completely and unconditionally. Read more…

Further opinion comes from a writer named Vered of MomGrind, a blogger for hire. She gives twelve tips on how to be a great mom, including taking care of your kids and taking care of yourself. The article encompasses some of the deeper aspects of being a great mother, rather than the how-to’s of doing laundry and cooking dinner. Vered talks about essential life lessons, actually listening to your children, and how to be happy being a mother. Read more…

Watch the Kids themselves are giving advice to moms about how to be a really great mom. From reading bedtime stories, to letting your kids jump out of airplanes, these kids tell you how it should be done!

10 Things that Do and Don’t Make You a Good Mom

For more on how you can be the best mom you can be, check out CreatedBeautiful1’s video:



What Matters to You Most About a Mom……Multiple Quick Interviews



This Song goes out to All Moms in the World…..Please Share the Love and Share this Post with all the Moms You Know

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